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Our decision-making speed and one-point-of-contact are essential to ensure quick response time by our cleaning experts who also handle your inquiry. Complying with regulatory requirements of safe cargo cleaning is not a simple task and involves taking into account equipment, documentation needed, and properly trained crew, to make sure that the cargo holds are properly cleaned after each discharge and prepared to take the next load.

5 reasons why cargo hold cleaning matters:

  1. Inadequate cleaning can cause cargo contamination, leading to cargo damage claims from the receivers. For instance, if contaminated by residues, cement loses its binding capacity, salt becomes liquid and sugar can ferment. A single piece of coal left behind can get the hold failed.
  2. The consequences of non-compliance can be costly. Vessels may be held in port until surveyors are satisfied, but a ship is only earning while at sea and not in port, meaning that time in port must be kept to minimum.
  3. Insufficient cleaning of the intended cargo and not meeting the charterer requirements can lead to delays and charter party disputes, which can lead even to the risk of off-hire. An off-hire clause is providing for exceptions from the obligation for charterers to pay hire from the time of delivery until redelivery.
  4. Except from these, failure to carry out a sweep-up of cargo debris, even when loading the same type of cargo, could hide fresh damage which may also lead to a claim.
  5. Remaining residues may not only damage the next cargo, but also affect the painted surfaces and increase corrosion, posing an additional threat for the hull along the sea water.

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