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Overseas is fully aware of how essential and demanding the tank cleaning proves to be in the modern shipping industry, this service is inevitable on a frequent basis for its crucial importance to attain a clean ballast and flawless cargo in any commercial operation.

Tank cleaning as important as it could be is compulsory for the following reasons:

  • Preparation of cargo holds for the next cargo is an important operational consideration on all bulk carriers.
  • A clean ballast tanks can be achieved only through a method of thorough and flawless cleaning of the tank from oils, liquids, solids and sludge in a bid to make it safe and healthy.
  • A regular tank cleaning would not only elongate the life span of a tank durably but also allows it to carry a clean and sediments free crude tank.  
  • Scientifically an inert gas proves to be enriched in nitrogen and chemicals that could affect the health if inhaled with mere nose, but through a method of tank cleaning, a damage free inspections and cargos tanks maintenance can be achieved.
  • It enables a good usage of different cargo and bulk carriers without no compatibility.
  • Viscous and thick particles engaged from a crude oil or sludge tanks can be eradicated on a regular basis to prevent decay or wear down.

/ Measures

Procedures and Safety

The procedures and safety measures for Tank Cleaning as introduced by our experienced operators in accordance with the International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers.

Competent Supervisors :
Overseas boasts of well-equipped and experienced engineers as required by all Classes. It should be well known that the engineer and all the personnel involved in this work should be well identified as professionals and ready to heed to the chief officer's instructions.
Adequate Equipment :
It is very important to be enriched with the needs and useful machines such an apparatus, flammable gas indicator, oxygen analyzer, ropes, pre caution fire extinguisher, fresh water, etc.
Protective Coating :
The engineers are advised to be technically dressed and leave no exposure to the hazardous substance derived from chemicals during the works.
Zero Dilution :
Every crude oil tanks or chemical carrier are advised to be taken care of in a safe slop and non-diluted manner, the incoming inert gas could mix with the original tank atmosphere, which is fatal and flammable.
Ventilation :
The engineering personnel conducting the operation are advised to create a non-entire closed space for inert gas due to the heat or sealed situation, the tank is believed to be flammable or rich in oxygen, nitrogen chemicals that are dangerous to health and environment.
Atmosphere :
A correct purging procedure needs to be followed to avoid toxicity flammable or any corrosion form by heat; there should be a fire free or crude oil atmosphere during and prior to the operation.
Electrical wire collision :
This either should be well taken care of in other to prevent of the wire sparks or collided with a wet hose.

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