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Catering Services

High quality provisions and services are the fundamental factors to boost crew productivity and morale.

We will do our best to ensure that your collaboration with our company would become one of the keys to your maritime success.

Our catering Package includes:

  1. We commit to provide quality, nutritive food and professional fooding service.
  2. We understand victualing cost & plan accordingly so as you never spend more than your budget.
  3. High services as per International Standards and flexibility.
  4. Product range to match nationality of crew.
  5. We take care of the Crews Proper Diet.
  6. Routine and on demand marine catering and hygiene audits for your vessels.
  7. Good Quality supply of provisions, bonds and cabin store worldwide.


Overseas offers a complete range of fresh, frozen and dry provisions that are stocked in our own warehouses containing state-of-the-art refrigeration and freezer facilities. Fruit, vegetables and dairy products are purchased and delivered daily from the market.

Bonded Stores

Overseas stocks a wide range of beers, spirits, cigarettes and confectionary, as well as perfumes, toiletries and an exclusive range of gift items. Additionally, we offer our customers an extensive range of electronic items, including the very latest models of TV, DVD and stereo equipment. Our range also extends to clothing and luggage items, meaning we can satisfy every need.

Cabin Stores

A complete range of cabin stores is available from all our branches. Everything from soap to bedding and galley equipment is available in a variety of forms. We also equip new-buildings by sourcing equipment from around the world. We ensure that all partners in the purchasing process are satisfied from the procurement departments to the individual seafarers.
Overseas is your ONE-STOP resource for all of your stores and provisions.
We serve vessels offshore and in port, whether it is at berth, anchorages or off-port limits.
We stock a wide range of specialist products to satisfy every crew.
Of course, we can also arrange to stock special items that are regularly needed on request.

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