Supply and Maritime Logistics Scope of Business

Liquid Waste Removal

& De-slopping Garbage Disposal Services

Sludge Disposal Arrangements:

Ship sludge discharge involves careful planning and execution to ensure environmental safety.
We offer sludge discharge services at all the major ports of Egypt at very exquisite rates thanks to our owned barges and facilities.

Bilge and Oily Water Disposal Arrangements:

Bilge or oily water disposal arrangements play a key role in environmental safety. Marine Farers have topnotch oily and bilge water disposal arrangements.
Our associated companies have Oil Water Separators that are built to abide by the IMO regulations.

Slops Disposal Arrangements:

Marine Farers ensure safe removal of slop oils thus ensuring financial gains to the customers. The slop oils are petroleum products that cannot be used in their existing form and cannot be thrown away either.
Recycling of slop oil is the right way to discharge it to extract useful products.

Garbage / Scrap / Sewage Disposal Arrangements:

We arrange for disposal of different kinds of garbage and wastes generated by the ship and various vessels.
We follow the guidelines set by the governing authorities to ensure environmental safety.


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